Jennifer Ferrell-Hanington, Psy.D.                      407-347-4188

Licensed Psychologist                                    125 West Pineview St., Ste. 1005    Altamonte Springs, FL  32714

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Providing individual psychotherapy to adults who are coping with anxiety, stress, and general life difficulties

New Client Information

Please contact Dr. Ferrell-Hanington with any questions about her services and to schedule your initial appointment.  She will ask you about your reasons for seeking counseling and will gather your contact and insurance information.  As a courtesy, Dr. Ferrell-Hanington will verify your insurance benefits.  Prior to your initial appointment, she will explain your coverage as provided from your insurance company.  While the insurance company may provide a quote regarding your coverage prior to treatment, the actual payment of your claims cannot be determined until the Explanation of Benefits is received after the processing of your claim. 

Dr. Ferrell-Hanington is contracted with several insurance companies.  Should she not be contracted with your insurance company, she will be happy to accept out-of-network benefits, if this is part of your coverage.  You are welcome to file your own insurance, however, Dr. Ferrell-Hanington will file your claims with your insurance company as a courtesy. 

Prior to your initial appointment, Dr. Ferrell-Hanington requests that you download the paperwork packet from this website and bring the completed paperwork to the first visit.  Should you be unable to do so, you are welcome to complete the paperwork in the office, but this may intrude into your appointment time.  Dr. Ferrell-Hanington prefers to set aside an 1-1/2 hours for the first appointment  The follow up appointments will last 50-55 minutes. 

Dr. Ferrell-Hanington requests that cancellations are given a 48-hour notice.  She does not make reminder calls due to her desire to maintain as much confidentiality as possible.  Per your request, she will send a confirmation letter prior to the first visit should time allow.  Please bring one form of ID and your insurance card to your first visit. 

 Payment is accepted by cash, check, or credit card. 


New Client Information Packet


Please feel free to contact Dr. Ferrell-Hanington with basic questions via email.  Contacting Dr. Ferrell-Hanington does not establish a psychologist-client relationship.  If this is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency room.  Thank you.